It’s back up to the north of Kensington and Chelsea this month, as we take a look at City Living, Local Life activity in Dalgarno ward.

Forming the northern tip of the borough and the western side of Ladbroke Grove, Dalgarno ward was formed in 2014 and was previously part of St. Charles ward.

Despite being a 2-councillor ward (and therefore smaller in population than most wards in Kensington and Chelsea), Dalgarno is one of the busiest and most active in terms of interest in the programme and numbers of projects funded.

Supporting small and medium sized local groups is a theme in Dalgarno with organisations such as Just Solutions 123, The Dalgarno Food Bank, West London Bowling Club and Binbrook and St. Quintin’s Residents Associations receiving funding in the past.

Activities, opportunities and training for young residents of the ward has been a priority for ward Councillors. Through City Living, Local Life, Kensal House-based SPID Theatre has supported local young people in creative and performance arts, including animation. This is demonstrated in SPID’s award-winning High Above the Sky…

Older residents have also benefited from City Living, Local Life with a number of reminiscence projects such as West London Bowling Club’s ‘Stories from the Green‘ which explores the individual tales of one of London’s last remaining bowling greens.

Councillors have also made efforts to understand and address social challenges within the ward, including tackling local unemployment with Clement James’ IntoWork programme. The work of the Dalgarno Trust Food Bank has also been recognised with funding for refrigeration units and assisting Kensington and Chelsea Social Council’s work to understand the reasons behind the rise in food bank access.

The Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, Cllr Elizabeth Rutherford visits the Dalgarno Trust Food Bank in 2016

Celebrating and preserving the unique history and culture of the area is also a priority, illustrated by the support for the work of Dalgarno-based CAPCA to hold the annual Notting Hill Nurseries Carnival which helps to teach children about the origins, tradition and ethos of Carnival.


If you would like to find out more, or to share your ideas for projects in Dalgarno, do visit the City Living, Local Life website.