After a recent fire in Shepherd’s Bush started by a faulty tumble dryer, the London Fire Brigade are encouraging everyone to check their smoke alarms are in working order or fitting one if they haven’t already done so.

The Brigade’s figures show there is, on average, one fire in London every day involving white goods. Around 90 per cent of the fires caused by these are not down to human factors but by faults beyond the control of the householder.

Since 2011, London firefighters have attended 2,072 white goods related fires – almost one blaze a day. The Fire Brigade say that they are still attending fires where there are no working smoke alarms. Everyone should have at least one smoke alarm on every level of their home and the safest option is to have them linked together.

Fires and fire deaths continue on a downward trend, but the Fire Bridgade want to ensure they reach those most at risk from fire and the most in-need residents across the borough.

The local fire brigade wants to identify people who:

  • live alone;
  • have a physical, mental health or learning disability;
  • are over 60;
  • are single parents with a child under 15;
  • smoke

Homes can be assessed and smoke alarms installed where needed, with officers able to give important fire safety advice – all free of charge.

If you are concerned that your home may be at risk, or if you know anyone who meets one or more of these categories and would benefit from a home fire safety visit, you can request one via , calling 0800 028 44 28, or emailing