Down in the south of the borough we go, for a look at Chelsea Riverside and how Councillors and local community groups have been working together through City Living, Local Life.

In recent years, Chelsea Riverside councillors have supported a range of projects from environmental improvements to community get-togethers as well as support for older residents and those looking for employment.

The World’s End piazza has been a focus, with City Living, Local Life helping members of local mental health charity SMART to maintain the World’s End and Lots Road Big Local planters. The piazza has also been brought to life with the annual Chelsea Youth Festival that is organised by, and for, local young people.

But, it’s not just the World’s End that has benefited from City Living, Local Life as the Cremorne Residents’ Association of Lots Village threw a summer fete, Fetters Lane Church saw Ernest and Mary Gillick being commemorated with a blue plaque and the Chelsea FC Foundation’s Premier League Kicks programme was extended in the south of the borough helping young people in the area remain active and healthy. In 2016, councillors also helped to make Christmas that bit more special, supporting festive lights on the Kings Road and a celebration for the World’s End Over 50s’ social club.

For more information about the area, and local activities taking place, visit the Chelsea Riverside ward page on the City Living, Local Life website.