Our monthly City Living, Local Life focus now takes us to the middle of the borough, to Campden ward, where Councillors have been supporting efforts to reduce social isolation amongst the elderly.

Since the start of the initiative, Campden ward Councillors have been supporting Open Age and The Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents to deliver a series of activities across the ward.  Through their outreach, the respective charities have been working to identify isolated older people who may be in need of additional support and access to services.

A full roster of activity continues to be available from both groups including health talks, coffee mornings and seminars on community safety.  Local churches, such as St Mary Abbots and Kensington Unitarians, have been supporting these activities respectively.  Councillors have also maintained support to St. George’s Church in the ward to host their annual Christmas lunch for older residents.

In recent years, Councillors have also supported younger residents of Campden, in the form of week-long healthy food workshops at St Mary Abbots and Fox Primary.

For more information about projects in Campden ward, as well as local opportunities and news for residents, visit the CLLL Campden page.