Residents and community groups of Brompton and Hans Town ward are being asked for ideas and suggestions for things that could improve the local area through City Living, Local Life.

Prior to the local boundary review in 2014 when Brompton ward and Hans Town wards merged, ward councillors have supported a variety of projects from local history (including hitching posts on Ennismore street, chapel restoration at Holy Trinity Sloane Square, World War commemoration projects including the Yalta Memorial opposite the V&A and a blue plaque for Abolitionist Frederick Douglass).

Councillors have recently supported older people activities with New Horizons and projects for younger people in the form of music workshops for school children, youth theatre performances and sessions with Intermission Theatre and a football programme via Premier League Kicks with Chelsea Football Club.  Councillors have also supported an Arts and Crafts Festival at Holy Trinity Sloane Square.

City Living, Local Life can support local projects with small amounts of funding.  If you live in the ward and have an idea about how you can improve it why not visit the Brompton and Hans Town ward page to share your ideas, contact your Councillors and find out what has been funded previously.

Brompton and Hans Town! Share you ideas, and start something good.