White City Youth Club of the Harrow Club in North Kensington W10 are the latest group currently raising funds through the crowd funding platform Spacehive –  www.spacehive.com/w12filmunit –  to run the W12 Film Unit project for young people interested in media and film making.

Based at the Adventure Cafe and Playground on the White City Estate and open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6:30-9:30 PM, White City Youth Club run activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, hair and beauty, sports, gaming, media projects,recording studio, summer trips and more for 13-19 year olds.

They also offer help with job searching, interviews, CV writing, further education, and searching/applying for apprenticeships.

The Film Unit was an idea created by the young people of White City Youth Club, and will enable this community to produce films, documentaries, music videos, promos and live performances.

The money raised will be used to purchase equipment such as cameras, microphones, tripods, computers and lighting. Young people will be taught by professional film tutors through workshops where they will learn the fundamentals of film making such as screen writing, directing, producing, editing, sound recording and acting. Film Unit members will be able to use their new found skills and knowledge to go out and produce their very own content such as music videos, short films, documentaries, adverts and viral marketing videos. From the content that the film unit members create, the will hold the first W12 Film Festival – showcasing the talent of the film unit.

Simon Melbourne from White City Youth Club said: “We believe that the impact on the participants will be life changing as it will give them new found skills and confidence in their abilities, a deeper knowledge and understanding of the UK film industry, creating job prospects, and a positive future”

All productions made by the young people will be available on a variety of social media platforms and the W12 Film Unit official website, giving the film unit members a sense of achievement, pride and confidence. The W12 Film Unit will also look to increase volunteering, jobs and education, as the young members of the project will be able to use all they have learnt to apply for jobs, apprenticeships and even higher education.  It is hoped that they will also be able to teach other young people what they have learnt.

The Film Unit are asking for a pledge a minimum of £5 to support the campaign. The deadline  is the December 22 to raise £11,643.  www.spacehive.com/w12filmunit