Cruse Bereavement Care in Kensington and Chelsea supports people in our community who have suffered a bereavement. The charity offers one-to-one support and group sessions run by a dedicated volunteer team to help individuals cope with their loss and understand their grief.

Although many people can get through a bereavement with time and the support of friends and family, sometimes in particularly difficult situations, a caring stranger can be an essential part of the journey to heal from the pain left by the loss of a loved one.  Anyone who lives or works in the Royal Borough and feels they need extra support to cope with a bereavement is encouraged to get in touch with Cruse.  Every person who has used and evaluated Cruse’s service has said they would recommend Cruse to others.

In addition to providing support to bereaved people in the community, Cruse is also keen to attract local volunteers who have an interest in bereavement support, an empathetic demeanour and good listening skills – no prior experience is necessary.  Becoming a Bereavement Volunteer does require a significant investment in training and an ongoing weekly commitment for at least two years, but people who are attracted to this special work find it to be incredibly rewarding and not deterred by the commitment. Of course, this may not be for everyone, and Cruse also seeks volunteers to help manage projects and administration across the organisation.

If you are interested in knowing more please get in touch with Cruse, telephone 020 8964 3455 or email or visit their website at