Following a successful first year in which 131 organisations and individuals backed 3 projects in Kensington and Chelsea through The Kensington and Chelsea Hive, Westway Trust will soon launch their own hive as part of their Community Grants Programme to encourage local groups and organisations to crowdfund.

Westway Trust and Spacehive are holding a free workshop for local people who want to crowdfund for projects that benefit their local community. The workshop will take place at the Venture Community Association on Wornington Road on Wednesday September 7 from 2pm.

Westway Trust will make grants of £4,000 to successful crowdfunding projects locally.

The Westway Trust Community Grants programme makes up to £100,000 of grants to local projects each year. Last year 47 community organisations received funding for celebrations and events in the local community . Those events ranged from zumba classes for Ethiopian women to a celebration of the history of a local bowling club.

At the workshop, Spacehive will  explain how crowdfunding works and how to run successful campaigns. In addition Naami Padi, from Venture Community Association which successfully crowdfunded over £5,000 to enable 40 of their kids to appear on a float at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival.

Speaking about crowdfunding, Phil Nichols, Head of Charity Income and Impact at Westway Trust, said:

“Having seen crowdfunding work so successfully for many projects [and in Kensington and Chelsea] we want to see if we can support it make even more money available to local community projects.

“Apart from potentially helping groups to raise more funds, crowdfunding can also help raise their profile in the local community, and even beyond. It can also lead to other benefits like more volunteers asking to get involved, for example.”

Anyone interested in the Community Grants programme or coming to the workshop should visit

The Kensington and Chelsea Hive continues to remain available for great ideas to transform your neighbourhood.