The project tackling childhood obesity in North Kensington Go Golborne, have launched their 2nd campaign, “Unplug and Play”!

This campaign is all about helping children to be active and to develop healthy screen habits this summer and beyond.

Go Golborne are focusing on screen time because too much of it can be bad for our health. As well as it being unhealthy – because it is time spent sitting rather than being active – too much screen time has also been linked to sleep deprivation and lack of attention, which can contribute towards problems in school.

With this in mind, health experts recommend that children try to spend no more than two hours a day using a screen.

To help children (and their parents!) to Unplug & Play, Go Golborne are inviting them to take part in the Unplug & Play Summer Challenge. Simply pick up a copy of the ‘45 things to do this summer’ guide around Golborne and see how many of the activities you can tick off! The guide is jam packed with ideas for local activities and things to keep children occupied at home.