Find out what’s going on this summer at the borough-based cultural space The Mosaic Rooms at 226 Cromwell Road…

Exciting events at the venue that celebrates the best in contemporary Arab culture include:

A Q&A with artist Larissa Sansour on the works featured in the exhibition In the Future They Ate from the Finest Porcelain that examines contemporary politics in Israel and Palestine and;

Future Preservations –  Brendan Cormier, Christina Riggs and Alexy Karenowska discuss the role of digital fabrication technologies and archeological practice in global heritage preservation.  They discuss the future of museums in our transnational and postcolonial world.

Details of these events and more can be found on the Mosaic Rooms website. To RSVP to any of the events, or for any questions you can email the Mosaic Rooms at        

*photo courtesey of Larissa Sansour and the Mosaic Rooms