With thanks to the local community, Kindred Studios’ 1200 Cranes project has been successfully crowdfunded on The Kensington and Chelsea Hive!

Nearly 30 backers pledged their support to transform the atrium of Dalgarno Trust in to a colourful mass of origami cranes. Pledges came from a variety of sources including The Museum of Brands, Westway Trust, local artists and residents and Councillors in Dalgarno and St Helen’s through City Living Local Life.

Kindred Studios are pleased as punch, and invite you along to their studio to help bring this project to life between Friday 24 June – Sunday 26 June.

Over the weekend there will be lots of live music, demos and free workshops including the free walk-in origami in the studio courtyard where you can take part in the biggest art installation in Kensington and Chelsea!

Dates and times:

  • Friday, 24 June (6pm – 9pm) 
  • Saturday, 25 June (11am – 6pm)
  • Sunday, 26 June  (11am – 6pm)

Address:  69 St Marks Rd, W10 6JG (map)


Remember – you too can crowdfund your ideas on the Kensington and Chelsea Hive, and start by uploading your idea today!