Kindred Art Studios are running a crowdfunding project through Spacehive to create a community art installation in the the atrium of the Dalgarno Centre and need your help!

Kindred Artist Studios in collaboration with the Dalgarno Trust intend to engage their local communities of artists and locals into making a colossal 3m by 5m mobile installation of 1200 origami cranes to be suspended in the atrium of its much loved community centre.

The inside of each paper crane will be inscribed with the hopes and wishes of its maker and attached in a symbolic installation that embodies the beauty of migration.

Much of the installation will be made during a free to all walk-in 2 day workshop during Kindred’s Open Studios on Sat 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016 11am-6pm.  There will also be ‘Giant Paper Crane’ demonstrations for all to watch and a little gift for each participant who produces 6 cranes for the installation!

The 2-day making process will be documented and made into a short viral film to inspire future creative collaborations between artists and their local community.

With less than two weeks left to raise the funds, please pledge this project to life!

Kindred 1200