Did you know that right outside Earl’s Court Station there was a portal across space and time?

After many years of neglect, the Earl’s Court ward Councillors, Metropolitan Police and the Spear Mews Residents’ Association got together and with the help of City Living, Local Life have brought the Earl’s Court ‘Tardis’ back into use!

And while we can’t promise you’ll spot any Time Lords hopping in and out, you will be able to catch the local Earl’s Court police a few times a week on hand to help and to offer a ‘Cuppa with a Copper’.

Watch the video below that documented the restoration of the Tardis and the inspiring story of what happens when local people take community action.

If this has given you food for thought, do get in contact at locallife@rbkc.gov.uk or visit www.citylivinglocallife.org to share your ideas.