Residents are being informed about the Council’s proposals for a “Quietway” cycle route, which should form part of the Mayor of London’s Central London Cycling Grid.

Quietways are designed primarily for people who have considered cycling, but have been put off by the idea of sharing busy roads with lorries and buses. It is important to note that Quietways are different from the Mayor’s Cycling Superhighways, which have tended to grab most of the press coverage of cycling routes. For example, on the Quietways, there will be no painted coloured lanes on the roads, and routes are not designed for very high volumes of commuter cyclists.

The route will run from Mitre Lane on the border with Hammersmith and Fulham to Ledbury Road in the City of Westminster. This is part of a long route that will run from East Acton to Walthamstow.

For the majority of the route between Mitre Lane and Ledbury Road, the Council will not need to make physical changes to the roads except to paint cycle symbols and to place signs at decision points. However, there are three locations where the Council proposes significant changes to assist cyclists to cross busy junctions or to reduce the speed of traffic.

Drawings showing the proposals are available to view at

Any comments on the plans can be sent by email to, by 5 June 2016. Officers will then report the consultation responses to the relevant Cabinet Member, Cllr Tim Coleridge, before any final decisions are made.