Culture Vultures! Holland Park’s Lacey Contemporary are hosting a series of free exhibitions at their 8 Clarendon Cross (W11 4AP) gallery over the coming months…

SCRATCHING THE SURFACE – 18 May – 2 June 2016

Featuring artists Lee Ellis, Christos Tsimaris and Laurence Perratzi, this collaboration consists of two painters and a sculptor working within portraiture.

Scratching the Surface reflects a painting technique most visibly demonstrated by Christos Tsimaris. Previously painted layers are revealed as the surface of a canvas is scraped away by Tsimaris. Present workings of a portrait suddenly stand among past reflections and reveal the exploration of the painting process itself; how the painting is created in relation to its structure, composition, colour and mark making.

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Places Among the Stars features contemporary painter Pandora Mond’s newest collection of Exoplanet paintings, alongside The Royal Society of British Sculptors’ fellow Almuth Tebbenhoff, who will be exhibiting a selection of works from her Empty Spheresseries (sculptures inspired by lunar eclipses).

Places Among the Stars aims to bring the great vastness and humbling beauty of the cosmos to Holland Park, giving the viewers an opportunity to get lost in space.

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