This month we’re pleased to feature local disability-support group, Full of Life based at Kensal House – Thanks to Sue Redmond, Chair for the following words. All photos by Carmen Klammer –

Full of Life is a local charity founded in 1994 by parents who were dissatisfied with the lack of information and support available for them to bring up their disabled children. The parent-managed charity now supports over 500 families who live in Kensington and Chelsea and offers free practical, independent advice and training to fellow parents covering areas such as health, education and social care.

Full of Life also runs a centre at Kensal House providing one-to-one support for young adults with complex needs with a strong focus on communication, personal development, fun experiences and learning new skills. The centre provides young people with the opportunity to learn, work and play with others in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect.


Full of Life provide support tailored to meet the individual’s needs and choices. Many of the young people who attend Full of Life have ‘high level’ needs, which means their disabilities make communication with others difficult. Makaton signing and communication books are a few of the various ways to provide support,
but even with these aids some individuals still struggle 
with conveying their emotions. Full of Life’s latest project hopes to overcome this barrier by giving young people the opportunity to channel their thoughts, feelings and ideas through the medium of film and art. The arts can be fun and interesting for someone who usually struggles to stay focused on one activity at a time and allows that person to express themselves in a truly unique way.


For more information about Full Of Life and the services on offer please visit