Are you retired, or thinking about retirement? If so, then Retirement Reinvented ( – co-founded by local resident Graham Ross Russell – is on hand to help you make the most of your skills, interests and experiences and give back to your local community.

The ever-growing website contains a wealth of information, from developing your interests in everything from architecture and yoga to providing advice on healthy living, finance and travel tips.

Retirement Reinvented also recognises that people are retiring much fitter (in health, if not years!) and with the desire to give back to their local community or help nurture local businesses and charities. That’s why the website has a whole section dedicated to ‘giving back’, providing support and helpful links about becoming a Trustee, local volunteering and other ways you can lend both your time and skills.

The website also has an active community  of contributers, and are always looking for people to get involved in expanding the information on offer – just get in touch via the website.

So, do check out and see where retirement takes you!