Join borough-based The Mosaic Rooms for the first showcase of the opening chapter of Hajra Waheed’s long term project Sea Change.

This visual novel is dedicated to reclaiming a sense of the intimate, the personal and the poetic from the consequences of regional development, political upheaval, and civil conflict.

Through the unfolding narratives of nine individual characters who have disappeared over nine chapters, this work aims to engage the viewer in an active sense of looking for the individual story amidst the mass, in turn reflecting on the reductive value of the media’s portrayal of contemporary crisis, particularly in terms of migration.

The exhibition, Sea Change – Chapter 1: Character 1, In the Rough features a series of works that reveal the journey of an individual on a quest to find quartz crystals buried amongst rock. The viewer wanders through the works in the exhibition, looking at the details of this character’s field notes, cut photographs, co-ordinates of unknown places, painted and drawn geographies of sea and geology.

Chapter 1 is composed of interspersed archival and newly-created visual material. The archival imagery was directly sourced from a large deck of 1930-40s photographic postcards, which depict an Orientalised view of people and places in the Global South. These collected materials and imagined representations allow new stories to be constructed.

Chapter 1 of Sea Change exhibits at The Mosaic Rooms from 11 March – 21 May 2016 from 11am-6pm at their 226 Cromwell Road space.

Entry is free.