Visit Notting Hill-based Lacey Contemporary at their 8 Clarendon Cross (W11 4AP) gallery for a bonanza of art throughout March and April…

Stop Making Sense

8 – 13 March 2016, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm with Thursdays until 8pm and Wednesday private views from 6.30-9pm.


A joint show with sculptor Georgiana Anstruther and abstract artist Carol Corell. Carol uses stripes, blocks and simple geometric shapes throughout her abstract paintings employing energetic colour and line. Whereas, Georgiana refers to the pattern of life, the intensity of feeling, emotion and through this breathes life into the finished bronze sculptures.

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Angel Fuster | Emilio Puya

16 – 26 March 2016, Tuesday to Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 11am-5pm.

Two Spanish painters Angel Fuster and Emilio Puya come together for their first collaboration in London, curated by Spanish curator and art dealer Pilar Cocero.

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30 March (Private View 6pm) – 9 April 2016, Tuesday – Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 11am-5pm.

An exhibition of contemporary pop art featuring US artist Elisabetta Fantone, and British based artists Sara Pope, Paola Bazz & Finn Stone.

goingpopWorking across a variety of mediums from painting to works on paper, prints, neon and fibreglass sculptures, these artists reflect the intrinsic impact of popular culture on contemporary art today. Whether that be the celebrities, advertising, magazines and newspapers, or the original pop-art itself from the 1950s, through their original styles and techniques of art-making, the artists in GOING POP both take a creative influence from, as well as make-fun-of, these pop references.

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13 April (Private View 6pm) – 23 April 2016, Tuesday – Friday from 10am-6pm, Saturday from 11am-5pm.

A joint exhibition from Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Glauco Della Sciucca. In this exciting new collaboration by two renowned figures of the creative arts, STATE OF MINDS will present a selection of original works from Lindsay-Hogg and Della Sciucca in their first ever exhibition together in London. Worldly-wise characters meet “monsters” of the vertical city, the sometimes odd colour combinations of Lindsay-Hogg are shown against the black and white of Della Sciucca in this provocative and original exhibition.

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