This month, we’re putting the spotlight on the Kensington Parochial Charities, who have been supporting the local community in a number of small but very important ways for generations…

Kensington Parochial Charities (KPC) is a collection of a number of ancient charities given to St Mary Abbots Church to assist the poor of Kensington parish. As a result the KPC gives grants each year to the following churches who in turn spend this on those in need within their respective parishes.

In 2015 the Kensington Parochial Charities donated a combined sum of £5,087.12. Each parish has used the funds for very different purposes but all with the aim of helping those in need…

Holy Trinity Church used the grant for a number of community projects including the popular bi-monthly ‘tea and classical concerts’ for older people. Around 300 people came together to enjoy tea and sandwiches over classic musical and performances by local singers.

It also used the funds to create drop-in lunch and supper events that take place three times a week providing communal activities, counselling and hair cutting for homeless people.

To celebrate the festive period the Church also held a traditional Christmas day lunch, free of charge for the community.

St Barnabas was able to perform a very charitable act of good will by donating money toward a long-serving member of their church who has lost their home in a fire. Part of the grant was also allocated to the Night Shelter Project which provides food and a safe shelter for the homeless.

St James used the funds towards the cost of new furniture for their Sunday school. The children of the school now have new tables and chairs to study on.

St Mary Abbots were able to organise a trip to the theatre and a supper for 25 elderly members of their parish.

St John’s, Notting Hill used the grant towards their work with the Filipino Chaplaincy that assists nationals who live and work in the borough and are experiencing hardship.

St Mary The Boltons, West Brompton, will be using the grant towards a trip for its parishioners.

Through the hard work of the parishes, the grants, a generous gift from the Kensington and Chelsea community many generations ago, continue to offer support to the community of today, bringing people together at funded events and providing financial assistance in times of need.