A reminder to residents and community organisations interested in generating local support for their neighbourhood projects through crowdfunding, The Kensington and Chelsea Hive is up and running and ready to host your ideas!


Whether you want to transform a playground, bring an old building back to life, spruce up a park, or create something completely new, Spacehive aims to help people to attract support for projects that make places distinctive, lively and loved.

The Kensington and Chelsea Hive is an online platform to pool local ideas and resources, empowering the community to take civic enhancement into their own hands. If you’ve got a idea for improving your local area simply upload it to Spacehive, set your funding target, and join the Hive!

If you have any questions about the suitability of your project, accessing the Hive, or crowdfunding in general, email info@spacehive.com to get some additional support.

In the new year, groups will be invited to attend a community workshop, hosted by Spacehive, to learn how to effectively crowdfund locally. If you want to hear more about this get in touch with Spacehive.