The World’s End and Lots Road Big Local (WELR) community website has launched this month to make it even easier to keep up to date and get involved with the activities and improvements they have planned for the area.

The Big Local empowers local residents to make their communities and areas even better places to live and the residents of the World’s End and Lots Road have been given £1,000,000 over the next 10 years to improve their home and community.

The World’s End Estate and Lots Road Big Local area is located in the southernmost part of Kensington and Chelsea and covers the 750 flats on the World’s End Estate, the Guinness Trust Estate, Ashburnham Mansions and the Lots Road area as far west as Tadema Road.

The World’s End and Lots Road Big Local area


Led by residents of the area, WELR have already set local priorities and adopted a local plan through a series of consultations, events and meetings and going forward will focus on:

  1. Jobs, Training and Enterprise
  2. Young People
  3. Community Events & Activities
  4. Green & Open Spaces

But let’s not give everything away here… check out their website at to find out more about the exciting projects underway, the local ideas put forward and the many ways you can get involved!