This new exhibition is a unique chance to see two artists Angela Smith and Katrine Roberts exhibiting side by side in their first joint exhibition with the gallery. Using strong painterly techniques and bold colours to draw in the viewer, Angela and Katrine express notions of the body as well as the inner-psyche, producing a textured and animated surface on their paintings. The works could be interpreted as having aspects of internal turmoil, coiled like a labyrinth, waiting to be explored. With ageless forms and complex, swirling pathways this exhibition will take viewers on a journey through the Labyrinth, inviting playful interaction, as well as soulful contemplation.

The Labyrinth Inside opens with a private view tonight (4 November) and runs until 21 November. Join the Lacey on this journey inside the labyrinth at their gallery at 8 Clarendon Cross, W11 4AP.