With thanks in part to Campden councillors through City Living, Local Life, a dynamic short documentary was aired at the Portobello Film Fesitval in September 2015.  The film, The Children Of Portobello and Golborne directed by Darren O’Mahoney & produced by Alison Aylen, saw local school children explore the vibrant multicultural community of their local markets.

Photo: Food Explorers
Photo: Food Explorers

This lighthearted film, created with children & for children, tells the story of the immigrant arrivals to the area over the last 150 years. As the students search for the answers to their multitude of questions they experience the bustle of the market and its people first-hand. The children discover how Portobello was changed forever with the arrivals of the Spanish community after the Civil War with their olive oil, paella and chorizo, the Moroccans with their exotic
spices and tagines and then Caribbean people and flavours in the 1960s. Through meeting these colourful local characters and devouring the multicultural food the students start to discover what makes Portobello and Golborne Markets so unique.

This short film is part of a research project led by the Food Explorers in partnership with the Hammersmith and Fulham Urban Studies Centre (HFUSC), which is set to run in schools throughout Kensington and Chelsea over the next few years to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Portobello and Golborne Markets.  An interactive map, exhibition and historical guide have all been developed with students from Fox and Bevington Primary Schools to support the new curriculum.

Photo: Food explorers

As Food Explorers Director and film producer Alison Aylen explains, “We are very excited that our film was showed at the Portobello Film Festival.  This film follows the childrens’ journey as they learn about their local market history and community.  It is a celebration of these thriving street markets and the diversity of its people and delicious food.  These markets are something to be treasured and nurtured in the years to come.”

Film footage was also collected from a unique four-school wide Food Explorers tasting event that took place in June where children got to taste a wide array of fresh market fruit and vegetables in addition to sampling international foods from local food businesses such as Jay Dee’s Caribbean, Falafel King, La Plaza & La Bodega, George’s Fisheries, Provenance Butchers & stall-holder Cheryl Devlin.

As well as CLLL Campden, funding for this film was being provided by the Heritage Foundation and RBKC Markets.