The Grove Trust in Notting Hill was founded in May 2010 by a group of local residents in an effort to increase awareness of those in need in the community and build meaningful relationships between residents and local charities. The aim of the Trust is to further the relief of those in need in the community by channelling local funds to local charities. Since the Grove Trust’s creation, it has donated over £1 million to worthwhile, local charities.

Given the current economic climate there is financial pressure on the charitable sector. The Trust aims to enable established charities with a proven track record to continue their valuable work in the local community and to help prevent them from cutting back or terminating much needed projects.

A decision on 2015 funding allocation is yet to be finalised, but in 2014 Grove Trust members decided to allocate funds to the following charities who support vulnerable adults:

  • HELP Counselling – For over 40 years HELP has offered free or subsidised counselling to adults experiencing mental health problems, a need not fully addressed by the NHS. Based on Portobello Road, they provide 165 sessions per week from 10am to 8.30pm 6 days per week. With The Grove Trust funding of £40,000 over 2 years HELP will increase the Administrator and Volunteers Co-ordinator from part-time to full-time positions.
  • 240 Project – Based on Lancaster Road, the 240 Project is focused on helping to facilitate active long term change for homeless people by increasing their sociability and independence through arts based and health related projects and ultimately providing further education, training and work opportunities. The Grove Trust has provided funding of £40,000 over 2 years on providing a Wellbeing Centre every Thursday for 20 clients.
  • NOVA New Opportunities – Founded in 1983 NOVA offers ICT, Literacy and Numeracy and ESOL courses, advice and guidance to 1,400 adults per annum searching for work opportunities. Clients are predominately women returning to work, long term unemployed and BME’s. They were awarded £25,000 over 2 years and NOVA will allocate this to core costs, primarily staffing costs.

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