In August, the sun shone brightly as the World’s End and Lots Road Big Local held a fantastic block party on the piazza to celebrate the endorsement of the Big Local plan for the area.

The bumper crowd of local residents were treated to a proper community festival – with free food provided by the Chelsea Theatre Cafe, a range of activities from African dance, cycling and fairground rides while the Lady$mith$ played all the classics.

The World’s End and Lots Road Big Local is an initiative which gives local people the say on how to spend £1m to make lasting, positive change in their area, and is completely led by residents of the area.

With the endorsement of their plan by the Local Trust this means that the Big Local can start to deliver against their local priorities, identified through events like these, talking to residents and holding open meetings.

So, if you are a resident of the area and would like to get involved in this exciting stage of the Big Local then contact Vanessa Kelly, Community Project Worker at!