Last month Age UK K&C teamed up with The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company for a summer inter-generational drama project aimed at breaking down barriers across ages with drama, spoken word, writing and rapping.

Supported by the Colville councillors though City Living, Local Life, the two week project culminated in a community performance at The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road, inspired by common, comtemporary and real life experiences…

‘I’ve learnt a lot about life and myself. It’s given me confidence and a more positive outlook. I feel more alive; like I was 18 again! It’s reignited my love of drama and in September I’m going to join a drama group. It’s also changed the way I think about young people; they’re not so bad – they were quite gifted, intelligent and artistic.’ – Age UK K&C member

‘Thank you to the ‘wisers’ for giving me a more positive outlook and improving my respect.’ – Young participant in the project

Thanks to project co-ordinator Samantha Schneider from Age UK K&C for putting the article together!