As message from our colleagues at People First:

“I’ve lost interest in cooking” ….. “I forget to eat” ….  “I find it painful to chew and swallow” … I often do not feel like eating” …. “Food tastes and smells different these days”

As people get older their attitude to food can change. This can be as a result of a bereavement, loneliness, depression, ill health, poverty, maybe just a lack of energy. Malnutrition in the elderly is an increasing problem, often interwoven with other issues.

to-go-on-website2Sentiments expressed like those above are clues that someone may not be feeding themselves well and putting themselves at risk. It may indicate they have other issues which are undiagnosed and which may get worse.

On People First we’ve got a wealth of information about helping residents stay well-nourished.

What is People First?

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