Looking for a professional, part-time role in administration for a charity?

Cruse Bereavement Care, serving the area of Kensington, Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, is looking for an administrative manager.

Can you do it? The skills and scope – a summary

• We are looking for a person who is both professionally skilled in
administration and confident in talking with bereaved people.
o If you’ve successfully managed an office or been a senior personal
assistant or secretary before and have volunteered at a charity
supporting distressed people, you’d be a really good candidate.
• The position is for 20 flexible hours per week, with the expectation that the
selected candidate can come to the office in Ladbroke Grove (W10 5XL)
for some amount of time on most weekdays throughout the year.
• Some evening and weekend hours may be required from time to time.

What’s involved – The job

• You’ll be running the office, which looks after more than 40 volunteers and
sees hundreds of bereaved clients every year.
• This is a solo show – there are no other paid employees, so you’ll be doing
office management, general administration, statistics, secretarial, training
administration, transitioning to a new client information system, minutetaking
across four committees, and a lot of answering calls from people
looking to get support after a bereavement. You’ll also be doing the endto-
end process tracking for each client who sees a bereavement volunteer.
• Everyone you will be working with is a volunteer – this means you’ll need
to match a certain diplomacy with frankness about what additional help is
needed from our local Cruse volunteers to keep the office running well.
• Yes, you may need to take out the rubbish occasionally and run the
hoover every once in a while – but it is a charity and everyone is pretty
good about keeping tidy since we see bereaved clients in the office.

Is this what you’ve been looking for? Get in touch!

• It pays about £15,000 per year for 20 hours weekly, with12.5 days of paid
annual leave and other benefits. Like working with nice people. And
helping a cause that does good things for our bereaved clients. This is a
responsible role we rely on to be able to function as a charity, so the best
candidates will care about what we do and want to join for the long term.
• You’ll need to be able to start working quickly – so if it sounds good but not
for six months or not before the end of the summer, that may be a bit tricky
for us, but perhaps not impossible.
• Have a look at our portion of the Cruse website to get a fuller taste of our
local part of the charity: www.kchf-cruse.org.uk
• Would you like to apply? Please send an email to kchf@cruse.org.uk with
your cv and expression of interest.

The deadline for applications is August 23 2015.