A new national funding opportunity for social actions projects for young people has now opened. Further details are below with the deadline for Expressions of Interest at 5.00pm, August 28 2015

The Cabinet Office, in partnership with Pears Foundation, will jointly invest a total of £1.26 million to grow youth social action opportunities for young people (volunteering, fundraising and campaigning). Grants of £50,000 to £200,000 are available.

The fund is aimed at young people aged 20 or less (or 25 for young people with disabilities) from rural areas and/or from lower socio-economic groups. Organisations must demonstrate that their programme meets their principles of great youth social action: Reflective, Challenging, Youth-led, Socially Impactful, Progressive and Embedded. They are particularly interested in projects that:

• Improve the reach and impact of existing programmes
• Are sustainable and scalable in the long term e.g. working with volunteers, through partnerships
• Pilot, within existing programmes, innovative approaches to addressing issues of need, access or inclusivity, or which embrace cross-sector partnerships e.g. with the health, education or social care sectors.

It is the intention that projects will run for two financial years with all money to be spent by July 2017.

The fund is open to applications from Charities, Community Interest Companies and Social Enterprises.

Further details: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-youth-social-action-fund-expressions-of-interest