Earlier this year, the Queen’s Gate Councillors helped support Reverend Mark O’Donoghue and the Christ Church Kensington Team to restore their garden to its former glory after vital renovation works to the Church. For more information on the Church and the project do read our previous blog post, but the great results are plain to see…

Before: works to improve the drainage and prevent flooding had taken their toll on the landscape
After: With improved drainage, damage to the community used gardens should be a thing of the past

Counters Court and Creek House in Holland ward have also been greening with support from their councillors and City Living, Local Life. The housing blocks are close to Kensington Olympia station and have suffered with anti-social behaviour with people climbing over their fences to make a quick escape from police and other enforcement officers.

With some great thinking from the Residents’ Association, instead of installing traditional security, from raised walls to spiked railings the residents have chosen to design-out the problem by growing their kitchen garden and planting raised beds, fitting trellises and placing flowers along the walls so those looking to run through can no longer access the garden. The improvements are still underway, but already Counters Court is a safer,and greener, place to live.

Counters Court plantersIMG_1822Creek House planters