The Small Grants Fund is available for voluntary and community organisation working within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which have charitable objectives. Organisations supported by the Small Grants Fund must meet the pre-set criteria and at least have one of the following priorities:

  • Information and advice
  • Community engagement
  • Infrastructure and capacity building

The Small Grants Fund can normally be awarded for one of the following:

  1. Items of equipment
  2. Some of the costs for community events, outings and festivals
  3. Publicity material or meet the costs of taking part in events which publicise the organisation’s service
  4. Volunteer expenses and training for volunteers
  5. Small scale building work that supports the sustainability of an organisation, improves access, facilitates efficient usage, improves the security of community centres, and other buildings
  6. Unexpected one-off costs that support the sustainability of an organisation which the organisation cannot meet.

There is £30,000 available for the 2015/16 Small Grants Fund, which is allocated in the two round of £15,000. Round One was assessed and distributed in April/May of this year and funding was allocated toward the following:

Armenian Street Festival at Iverna Gardens, Kensington

The Centre for Armenian Information and Advice submitted an application for publicity costs and stall hire for the Armenian Festival. The 19 July 2015 edition of the festival is the fifth occasion it has been held and is a fantastic example of a free community festival, which celebrates a national culture whilst also bringing in and engaging the wider community. At the event one could enjoy Armenian and Middle Eastern food, live street entertainment, stalls and vendors, games and entertainment for children, a concert in St Sarkis Church and many more fun activities. Great fun!

The Dalgarno Trust

The Dalgarno Trust is a well established charity within Kensington and Chelsea, which is dedicated to providing excellent services that promote a collaborative, healthy and dynamic local community for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, a unreliable lift was getting in the way of providing that dynamic local community service. The Small Grants Fund allocated some funding toward the repair and upgrade of this left, which benefits the sustainability of the centre and ensuring that the centre is accessible for all.

Eritrean Lowlanders League (ELL)

ELL is a small charity which is established from the Eritrean community to work with members to promote and enhance the social inter-relations and cohesiveness with other communities. Funding was allocated to improving ELL’s communication materials and circulation to ensure that more Eritrean’s in Kensington and Chelsea are aware of the services that ELL provide.

Latymer Christian Fellowship Trust (LCFT)

LCFT offers a great community space for the people of North Kensington. However, it’s so popular that many of the chairs have seen better days. Funds were allocated toward replacing many of the folding chairs in the meeting space, which in turn would benefit the sustainability of LCFT and the residents that use the facilities.

Pepper Pot Centre

The Pepper Pot Centre aims to provide a comprehensive service to enable active and disabled over 50s from the African, Caribbean and BME community in the Royal Borough to live more independently in their own homes. The Centre was established in 1981 and it felt as if the IT systems had not moved on since then! The Small Grants Fund allocated funding toward a new computer system, which would not only improve the Centre’s back office function, but service users would also benefit by having greater access to the new IT system, e.g. using the internet and Skype to talk to friends and relatives.

South London YMCA – new skills centre at Beacon House

Funding was allocated to South London YMCA to support the rejuvenation of an existing, unused storage room to a new Skills Centre at Beacon House. This new centre intends to offer a space and provide resources that will empower and support homeless people to improve digital skills, confidence, and access to work and learning opportunities. These improved services and resources that support homeless people on the way to independence is a great alternative to an unused room!

Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea (VCKC)

The primary goal of the VCKC is to champion rewarding volunteering opportunities and promote volunteering as a force for change and social good.  VCKC promotes volunteering opportunities that have a positive impact on volunteers, charities and the community. The Small Grants Fund allocated funding toward an update of VCKC’s website, which intends to make it even easier for the people of Kensington and Chelsea to volunteer.

As you will have read, the Small Grants Fund is a great funding stream which intends to improve the sustainability voluntary and community organisations of the Royal Borough. There is still £15,000 of Small Grants Fund to allocate and applications will re-open in October of this year. So, if you are a voluntary and community organisation within the Royal Borough that meet the criteria, we encourage you to apply.

Further details about Small Grants and how to apply can be found here.