Acting UP pictureThrough City Living, Local Life, the Colville councillors have supported a unique intergenerational drama project that brings together older and younger residents of Kensington and Chelsea to challenge perceptions of Hip-Hop and Shakespeare and overcome stereotypes they might hold about each other.

The Hip-Hop Shakespeare summer residency programme in partnership with Age UK Kensington and Chelsea will present a showcase of spoken word, rapping, singing and acting creating a fusion music theatre show, retelling the story of one of William Shakespeare’s classic tales.

The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company was founded in 2008 by MOBO award-winning hip hop artist Akala as a music/theatre production company aimed at exploring the social, cultural and linguistic parallels between the works of William Shakespeare and that of modern day rappers.  Launched in 2009 with the support of British actor Sir Ian McKellen, THSC delivers bespoke education programmes offering young people a different view of the arts and ultimately, themselves. THSC also produce interactive live music events/theatre productions showcasing the work of up and coming young talent who share the stage with established artists and actors.

For more information on the project please do contact Samantha Schneider, Age UK Kensington and Chelsea at, 020 8969 9105 / 07805 440 189.