Here’s our Community Reporter, James Yabut with another excellent review of InTransit Festivities.

Shifting Sands_car

Written by James Yabut, City Living Local Life

Landy is a 43-year old who sports headscarves from Israel, and Palestine, and the Golan Heights; she proudly shows off her giant panda tattoo, and even carries a mega-loud Egyptian horn to warn the traffic that she’s coming through.

She is decorated with beautiful brass detailing from Morocco, fishing floats from Lebanon, and a sound system that was picked up somewhere in the Tunisian desert. Her wooden bed, hand-painted in Jordan, is hidden behind curtains from Libya.

Landy is a 1971 Land Rover Discovery with lots and lots of stories to tell; she is also proof positive that people can be a lot nicer than you might think.

Last year she carried Lucy Engleheart and Anne-Laure Carruth for five and a half months on a journey around the Mediterranean through North Africa and the Middle East. The pair had set out from…

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