Written by Stan Moorcroft, City Living Local Life

Given the history of the last century the search for Utopia has understandably fallen out of fashion. Too many mass graves mark the most recent attempts to build a perfect society. Whilst on a more personal level one person’s Utopia can be another’s dystopia.

An Other WorldThus it was brave of the InTRANSIT Festival to co-produce An Other World, particularly when in conjunction with the Neo Futurist Collective, Futurism having been so badly tainted by its association with Fascism. The result was a collage of ideas, images, monologues, song and dance flirting with notions of Utopia. What the event lacked in coherence it made up for in moments of considerable beauty, as when Rebecca Evans and David Ogle produced a dance based on the Japanese tradition of Tanabata, in which people write their wishes for the coming year on scraps of paper…

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