Amongst the Voladores de Papantla from Mexico, the Zugubal Dancers from the Torres Strait and Guatemala’s Grupo Sotz’ill, over 30 local children performed at the launch weekend of inTransit and Origins Festival at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance.

The dance performance, with the theme ‘parklife’ is a collaboration between local dance school Tip Top Dance and the Venture Centre with support from the healthy lifestyle initiative Go Golborne.

Based on the children’s observations of how people behaved in parks and playgrounds evolved from several outdoor games that the children played and was developed and rehearsed in 4 workshops.

Tip Top 1
Photo with permission of Tip Top Dance School

Many of the children who took part had never danced before and are looking to continue by signing up to Tip Top’s Summer School at the Venture Centre. As well as building confidence by performing their excellent work in front of hundreds of spectators, making new friends and getting lots of physical activity they were also introduced to a new style of movement. This performance highlighted that dance does not necessarily follow a musical beat, but can have a start from simple, everyday movement that when structured and choreographed becomes a dance.

Oh, and they did all this while braving the rain for their Saturday performance!

The full gallery of the performance is available here and the group will be performing again at the Venture Centre on July 11 where they will receive a certificate to celebrate their completion of the project.

If you would like to find out more and get your children involved in great local, healthy activities then do visit the Go Golborne website to find out more about the incredible things that are available in North Kensington. This includes the Tip Top Dance Summer School taking place from 3-8 August (no dance experience necessary!) and the Venture Centre’s Summer Activity programme (available at

Tip Top 2
Photo with permission of Tip Top Dance School

For more information on Tip Top Dance do visit their website ( or email