Another great post by Stan, one of our Community Reporters. The Urban Beach at Acklam Village (under the Westway) has also been so popular that it will remain open for a few more weeks. So grab your bucket and spade and get down there!

Carol Kirkwood BBC 1 builds a sandcastle on Urban Beach Carol Kirkwood BBC 1 builds a sandcastle on Urban Beach

Written by Stan Moorcroft, City Living Local Life

Ever been stuck on a crowded tube, jostled, pushed and prodded, your face pushed into the armpit of a serial shower shirker? Have you then looked up to see those head height adverts of a sandy beach and a couple, lightly dressed, caressed by the sun as they hold hands watching the water lap in whispers to the shore? How you would love, in such moments, to step off the tube and out onto a sandy beach.

20150623_154438Well if you got off at Ladbroke Grove on Friday evening you could have found a beach a short distance away in Acklam Village. Think deck chairs, sandcastles, wind breakers, beach huts, ice cream, chips in paper cups, bunting, puppet shows, boat making, face painting, circus acts and live music, with an Edwardian theme, all…

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