Join the Lacey Contemporary Gallery over June and July for two solo exhibitions by Ross M Brown and Geoff Diego Litherland exploring architecture, landscape and future of hope and anxiety..

Concrete Myths – A Solo Exhibition by Ross M Brown

17 June – 4 July 2015 (private viewing – Wednesday 17 June, 6pm-9pm)

Concrete MythsRoss M Brown’s work channels the experience of architectural space through the medium and history of painting. Exploring subject matter found within abandoned Modernist architecture, the artist layers disparate approaches from the history of painting producing a palimpsest of diverging and converging painterly approaches.

Relating to the urban ruin as a hybrid space where divisions between past and present, architecture and nature, order and disorder have become blurred and indistinct, Brown employs a painting process which pits rigidly constructed perspective against the fluid materiality of poured, smeared and dripped paint.

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Infinite Summer – A Solo Exhibition by Geoff Diego Litherland

8 July – 25 July 2015 (private viewing – Wednesday 8 July, 6pm-9pm)

Infinite SummerGeoff Diego Litherland draws us into a future of both hope and anxiety. Weaving together disparate cultural references into landscapes, portraits and maps, he creates an overarching narrative, an invitation to journey into the unknown as explorers of what might be.

In these works of fluid beauty and technical bravado Litherland constructs the future from the past, fiction from fact. He sends us out into the stars as settlers of new worlds, where in the face of impending environmental disaster we can start again.

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