clllar15The publication of City Living Local Life’s third Annual Report shows what a difference the programme is continuing to make at a local ward level.

This year has seen £197,000 allocated to setting up and supporting 112 projects including film clubs for older residents, workshops on healthy eating for schoolchildren and employment training and local history projects.

Since it was launched in October 2011 by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, City Living, Local Life (CLLL) has brought Councillors and residents together to develop projects and activities in the community.

Residents and local groups have got involved in projects designed to strengthen community ties and improve local life in the borough, which address and meet different local priorities.  These have included life coaching lessons, activities for isolated older people, community events, kitchen gardens and local heritage.

Each ward in the borough has funds of up to £20,000 (£14,000 for wards with two councillors) to support local projects, improve neighbourhoods and bring people together.

IMG_3223The third Annual Report sets out what sort of projects have been supported in 2014-15.  The report includes a snapshot of activity across the wards, some key achievements for the initiative including 59 projects benefiting young people, 15 local history projects, 29 pop up events being organised by CLLL across the borough and approximately 3,500 residents taking part in CLLL supported activities. It also contains detailed case studies to show the difference CLLL is making across neighbourhoods, and what the future has in store.

Councillor Gerard Hargreaves, Cabinet Member for Voluntary Organisations and Resident Engagement, said: “I am very pleased that the third City Living, Local Life Annual Report showcases some really exciting local initiatives.  These are the result of close relationships between residents and their Councillors and shows what can be achieved when people work together for the good of their community.”

Page 19 borough wide Food ExplorersVolunteering has especially been key to the success of City Living, Local Life this year and residents are especially encouraged to read up on the many ways residents can volunteer as part of the initiative, whether as part of a resident’s association, running a community fun day or offering your skills to teach older people new skills.  Residents can also get also get involved by:

  • becoming a community champion by supporting activity in your area;
  • writing and contributing local information and stories as a community reporter;
  • taking part in ward conversations generating new ideas or;
  • submitting your own ideas for projects

City Living, Local Life will continue to strengthen with an active community behind it and encourages anyone who is interested read the annual report or for more information about the initiative, visit