Yesterday, the launch of the City Living, Local Life funded “More Hot for No.5”, with digital:works took place at Aldridge Academy, in front of children, interviewees, councillors and residents.

The film below, researched, shot and edited by pupils from Balrby Primary was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and City Living Local Life in Dalgarno, St. Helens and Notting Dale wards.  It depicts candid stories of hardship and poverty, the war, camaraderie, street life, pubs, underground parties, immigration, campaigns, the Westway, and the Republic of Frestonia and more.

This film celebrates the area by putting many of those who have lived here at the centre of its history, and has been expertly put together by these year 5 pupils, who were roundly applauded at the Academy yesterday. For more information, visit North-West Ken Stories.