by John Gau, Chair of the Kensington Court Residents’ Association

We take our history seriously in Kensington Court. Its creation can boast a couple of pioneering achievements back in the 1880s. I won’t go on about them here, but if you are interested you can find an account on our website Andreas Liesche had read about them.

SReturn of the Plaqueo, as he was browsing in a scrap metal merchant’s a while back, this bronze plaque caught his eye. It commemorated the first supply of electricity in Kensington in 1887. The plaque had once been on a building in Kensington Court, but now languished in a pile of junk. Andreas wondered if our Association would be interested in acquiring this memento of a local pioneer.

Of course we were. The site whose wall it once adorned now houses the offices of Warner Chappell Music. We approached them and they readily agreed to buy the plaque and re-install it. We hope to have a little unveiling ceremony later in the Spring. So thanks to a public spirited individual and a community-minded company, we have preserved a link to our past.