Hospitals, particularly urban hospitals, often struggle to provide the outdoor space that means so much to in-patients.

But in Chelsea Westminster Hospital, it’s spring! And as shoots nudge through no longer frosty earth, the work that Stanley ward councillors supported last year through City Living, Local Life is coming to life.ChelWest2

The Garden to the East of the hospital building has been refurbished with new equipment and fresh flower beds for the use of staff and patients, and volunteers have been recruited from hospital staff to tend the garden.

The improvements have been well received, with a staff member of ChelWest contacting the team to say:

ChelWest3‘I just wanted to say what a difference the garden has made to my life… I was out there for nearly 4 hours on Sunday planting up the vegetables (the hose is so useful!). I came away covered in soil and really happy.’

‘While I was out there, I was really delighted to see a patient from the neuro ward being wheeled out in their bed by two nurses and a consultant so that they could have the garden experience. It made me feel this is what really nursing care and rehabilitation should be about!’

‘The gardens seem to be making a real difference to so many, thank you!’

If you find yourself in the area, pop down Nightingale Place and see for yourself the green space the hospital staff and patients are enjoying.ChelWest1