The Royal Borough’s Safer Neighbourhood Board are currently taking ideas for projects that prevent crime, reduce crime or provide engagement opportunities, particularly for those communities that don’t historically engage with the police.
Example project ideas that could be supported include:
  • providing crime prevention advice and/or materials in areas, targeted for specific types of crime;
  • enable specific pieces of engagement or development work to be conducted by organisations connected to the SNB functions, such as stop and search groups, Neighbourhood Watch, youth Independent Advisory Groups etc. The fund cannot be used to underwrite the ongoing costs of those groups however;
  • deliver police and public engagement events, either larger, borough-wide events, or targeted at specific audiences or around specific crime types; or
  • offer diversion opportunities to identified groups who may be at risk of committing crime.
The total allocated budget for community projects is £20,000. The projects can start any time after the final approval from Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) in early July.
The project ideas will be discussed at the next SNB Executive Meeting in May. Therefore, all ideas need to be submitted by Friday 1 May. If approved by the Board, you will be asked to submit a full application form in due course.
To submit your ideas, or for further information please contact Olivia Leu at