Based at Binbook House, Dalgarno Gardens, the St. Quintin’s Park Residents’ Association’s brilliant Film Club, which brings local people from retirement and sheltered housing together with the wider Dalgarno community over classic film, has been supported by the Dalgarno councillors and City Living, Local Life.

St. Quintin'sInitially starting with equipment borrowed from local people the Film Club grew rapidly with around 20 people enjoying a relaxing Sunday each month watching golden oldies, musicals and modern-day classics over tea and cakes.

But, as expected with borrowed equipment it was not always available when needed, meaning that sometimes the Film Club had to run without an adequate screen (sometimes having to resort to a bed sheet) and could not run during the summer months when the sun would block out the picture.

After inviting the Dalgarno Councillors to attend the St. Quintin’s Film Club and seeing the excellent afternoons hosted by the St. Quintin’s bunch, City Living, Local Life was able to help grow the Club by providing funds to purchase a new film screen, projector and blackout curtains for the room.

By making an offer the Dalgarno Councillors couldn’t refuse, the attendees of the resident-ran Film Club can now select from and enjoy the Club’s extensive collection all year round.

The St. Quintin’s Park Film Club are always looking for classic DVD films to add to their collection, so if you have any you would like to donate please get in contact with City Living, Local Life at