The decision we make in May will define us for generations to come.

The red kite? The blue tit?

Yes, polls are open now at  The Americans have the Bald Eagle, the Ecuadorians celebrate the Andean Condor, and the people of Mauritius look with sadness to the past with their national emblem: the Dodo. But we Britons have no official national bird… until now.

HeronWith our traffic, concrete and menacing cats, we to often think of central London as devoid of avian life beyond scraggy pigeons and the odd stray seagull. And yet as spring is upon us, now is the perfect time to explore Kensington’s Holland Park and take in the vibrant and varied bird life.

From moorhens and woodpigeons to herons and Egyptian geese, birds give the mellow park a thronging life and energy and are worth the appreciation of any resident or visitor. But which, we may ask, would be Kensington and Chelsea’s Bird? For us in the Community Engagement Team who occasionally take a lunch in the park, the strutting peacocks are the hands down winners.

Peacock1With unruffled poise, they seem to float above all the playing children and de-stressing people at lunch with a lofty purpose we cannot begin to grasp.

This is our favourite borough bird, but you don’t have to agree! Please send us in pictures and stories you have about local birds and we’ll share them on this blog.Peacock 2