The Kensington Parochial Charities (KPC) are an agglomeration of a number of ancient charities given to St Mary Abbots Church to assist the poor of Kensington parish. As a result the KPC give grants each year to the following churches who in turn spend this on those in need within their respective parishes. The churches in receipt of these grants are:

St Mary The Boltons
St Mary The Boltons

The roots of this dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when a Royal Commission inquired into all the ancient parish charities throughout England to ensure they were being run correctly and how they should be run in the future. In The Royal Borough’s case, the smaller charities were brought together, and annual proceeds distributed to all the parishes into which the original parish had been divided. This disbursement is calculated based of a complicated formula enshrined in an Act of Parliament which relates to the geographical size of the parishes as they then stood.

A total of £5,206 has now been allocated to the churches for 2015 to be sent on those in need, varying from just under £400 to approximately £1,400 depending on the size of the parish.

St John's
St John’s, Notting Hill

In 2014 the grants were spent on the following:

  • Holy Trinity supported the William Wilberforce Trust Drop-In Centre to provides breakfast and lunch clubs, art therapy, counselling, art space, a music group and friendship circles for 120 people on every Wednesday and Friday for 51 weeks of the year.
  • St Barnabas funded the Christmas Lunch at the Love from Barnabas Ministry, a ministry for the older generation of the parish.
  • St James Norland purchased editing software for a film project group, craft materials for Sunday schools, youth social events and the purchase of more albs.
  • St John’s, Notting Hill helped support the Filipino Chaplaincy which gives practical and pastoral care to many of the lowest paid workers in RBKC.
  • St Mary Abbots took a group of elderly people living within the parish to lunch and a matinee production, providing an afternoon of entertainment and socialising
  • St Mary the Boltons supported an individual living in social housing and an elderly impoverished couple to relieve pressure on their finances.

I am sure you agree this is great way to spend a relatively small amount of money.  We hope for further good news stories from the 2015 donations!