By Community Reporter, James Yabut

Over 100 residents from across the borough attended the sixth public ‘Ask Nick’ with Council Leader Nick Paget-Brown at Notting Hill’s Second Church of Christ, Scientist.IMG_2530

The 90 minute meeting covered a wide range of topics including road safety, business rates, and potential rule changes to basement developments in the borough.

SAsk Nickome attendees came along with specific question in mind, such as market trader Jane Bridgman, who asked for more council support for small businesses; others were simply curious to hear the latest news on what was going on in the borough. Many agreed that

this was a valuable opportunity for residents and business owners to speak directly to the Council’s Leader.

Asked about the impact the meetings had on council policy, Cllr Paget-Brown said:

The Leader, Nick Paget-Brown and Councillors Gerard Hargreaves and Rock Feilding-Mellen take questions from the floor

“It is very important for me as Council Leader to know what the general and specific concerns of residents are. We aim to ensure that our key policies are set out in our manifesto at election time so that residents can express their opinion on the general direction of travel, but there are clearly specific issues to which we need to be sensitive and these often emerge at the ‘Ask Nick’ sessions which is an opportunity for residents to express their thoughts directly to me.”

Once confirmed, the information on the next Ask Nick can be found at