People FirstSketching at museums and galleries .. Sewing classes … Yoga for depression …. Confidence building course …. All abilities cycling club … Book club by phone for the housebound …

The list goes on. These are all events for residents happening across Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham and Westminster that can be found at People First – honest brokers that aim to put residents at the centre of choice and control in determining their own lives.

Activities on the website are not specifically just ‘adult social care type’ events, but holistic activities appealing to interests and hobbies that residents have acquired through life, and also perhaps new activities and hobbies they might like to try.

Use the search filters on the left of the events screen to search on keywords (e’g ‘art classes’ or ‘yoga’) and by category or date, and soon by postcode so you can find out what’s going just round the corner from your home.

People First is provided in association with the Adult Social Care teams of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council. Part of Adult Social Care’s role is to promote health and well-being and to signpost all residents to activities that will help to keep them active, engaged and less likely to become isolated.

The website ( is also for the use of social care professionals, people working in health and care services, and anybody with an interest in adult social care issues.