Prospects Kensington in Ladbroke Grove provides education and training leading to employment. Also providing education including supplementary school, structured educational internet activities, advocacy, and advice. Computer courses from basic to advanced skills.

The organisation are currently seeking the following paid and voluntary positions:

  • Futures of Youth Programme (O.Y) Supplementary School Teachers for the Saturday School  *Age range 8-14, and for the evening classes during the week  GCSE and A’Level age groups.  The posts are suitable for final year student (PGCE) teachers and also student teachers who are currently undergraduates. The teachers need to have A’level,  A to C grade in the subjects they teach.  For example if they are teaching maths they need to have math at A’Level, A to C grade, if they are teaching math and English they need to have grade A to C at A’level . At present we do have some funding for teachers, however as a small charity we are on a tight budget. The pay range is from £8 per hour to £15 per hour depending on qualifications and experience.  The application form is here  Prospects_application_for_teachers_supplementary_schoool1 (1)
  • Futures of Returning to Work (FoRWork) We also need Student ICT teachers for a few hours a week in the daytime for our Adult ICT Classes and Job Club.  The pay range is from £8 per hour to £15 per hour depending on qualifications and experience. The application form is here: Application form adult IT teachers

For more information, please contact Prospects Kensington Ltd Tel: 0208 969 1777  Unit 2 Paul House, 308 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5NH, Email:,

The jobs are also on the council’s job listings under reference Z0171