Merlin RamonWith his outstanding contribution to the gallery’s launch show in October 2014, Lacey Contemporary is now delighted to present a solo exhibition of paintings and drawings by Merlin Ramos from 18 March – 4 April 2015.

MEMORY LANDS is the culmination of years of looking, observing and the returning to places, ideas and memories that strike a chord with the artist.  He takes observation and landscape, pulls it apart and redefines it.

In his latest works for MEMORY LANDS surreal landscapes laced with architectural references and nostalgia are a preoccupation.He plays with elements of colour, form and movement. Imagery is worked and reworked. The rhythm of adding and subtraction guides the work, while outside references inform its aesthetic.The concept of the work is to challenge the landscape, making sense of it – expressing geology in the paintings and drawings in an attempt to capture fleeting moments in time.

Merlin will also present a series of drawings for MEMORY LANDS. Drawing and painting sits side by side in importance for Merlin, the two processes feeding into each other.

Event details:

Location: Lacey Contemporary Gallery, 8 Clarendon Cross, W11 4AP.

Dates: 18 March – 4 April 2015 (Tuesday – Friday 10.00am-6.00pm, Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday and Monday by appointment).

Cost: Free